CLAN Of XYMOX [Days of Black Tour] live at Traffic Club // Roma


Metamorphosis Club proudly presents:

☩ CLAN OF XYMOX (Days of Black Euro Tour 2019)

special guest_
The Arch (New Wave, Electronic / Belgium)

open act_

Friday 29th of March 2019 at Traffic Club, Rome.

Since their formation in their native Holland their music has been constantly changing, always challenging and often quite breat Formed in 80’s Amsterdam and signed to leading English independent label 4-AD, home at one time or another to the Cocteau Twins, Dead Can Dance, Pixies among others.
The 4AD period saw the release of the band’s self-titled debut album and the second album Medusa. Two records full of tumbling electro beats, throbbing sequencers and moody vocals.

clan of xymox became one of the pioneers of the dark and moody electronic music that later became known as darkwave.
Later they got signed to a subsidiary of Polygram USA.
Their releases as solely Xymox were in a more synthpop/dance music vein. This period was known as their most commercial one, having chart dance hits in the USA.
In 1997 Ronny Moorings made the decision to restart Clan of Xymox and return to his musical roots in the Gothic electro scene with the album release “Hidden Faces”. Since then, the band signed to USA based Metropolis Records, and released a series of critically acclaimed albums: Creatures (1999), Notes Of The Underground (2001), Farewell (2003), Breaking Point (2006), In Love We Trust (2009), Darkest Hour (2011). The band has released 15 studio albums, 2 DVD’s, a Remix and Live album, “Best Of” and even a cover album named “Kindred Spirits” (2012), giving ode to their own past influences. The last release is “Matters Of Mind, Body”, another a timeless, deeply emotional Gothic record.
2017 the beginning of April a brand new studio album named
“Days Of Black “ was released worldwide. Remains faithful to its roots and new-wave basis, but progressively evolved towards more melodic and harmonious songs. CLAN OF XYMOX have done what many similar bands fail consistently to do. They’ve upped their game, shaken things around, plunged back into the darkness and come up with something sounding fresh, original, and exciting.
To the great enthusiasm of their fans the band still tours with great energy worldwide on a constant basis. Current line-up consists of: Ronny Moorings, Mojca, Mario, Sean and Daniel.

special guest_ The Arch
(Trisol Records. New Wave, Electronic / Belgium)

Friends before a band.
Passion before anything else.
Small town roots. Big ambition.
Love your heroes. Kill your darlings.
Never settle.
Sweat. Work. Delete.
Search. Find. Repeat.
Obsess. Discuss. Release.
Get snobbed. Get misunderstood. Get underground.
Dissapear. Come back. With a vengeance.
Conquer the world. One devoted fan at the time.
Heroes abroad. Aliens at home.
Love music. Love live.
Give goosebumps to the electronic body.
Angelic voices. Tortured screams.
Ripping riffs. Organic synths. Burning beats.
Deep reflections cloaked in black.
Shine a light on darker souls.
Give everything you’ve got.
Get even more in return.
Grow for 30 years.
Don’t get big.
Don’t care.
Don’t change.
Don’t stop.
If we’re in, we wanna be out,
if we’re out, we wanna be in.
Yesterday. Today. Tomorrow. WE ARE THE ARCH.

open act_ EUGENE (Discipline / Wall of Sound UK / Out Vogue)

Singer/songwriter, arranger, producer and eclectic remixer, counting many collaborations with international artists both underground and mainstream. His latest single “Radiowave” featuring acknowledged father of italian new-wave Garbo along with Andy (co-founder of the MTV Award winning outfit Bluvertigo) has been radio-premiered by legendary Rusty Egan (Visage) and immediately peaked at #1 on iTunes Alternative Chart in Italy.

“Radiowave plays with the propulsive neon-lit sax-tinged aesthetics of the synthwave sub-genre, but adds authentic Italo elements and distorted feral vocal toplines” [The Electricity Club]

“One of the most interesting artists of the new electronic scene”

“Eugene does electropop like the pioneers of the 70s and 80s did, but with his strong personality, he could be the new Gary Numan”

Dj Severance & Dj Chemnitz

Musick To Play In The Dark.
All genres. Must wear all black. Total Black.

Music: Alternative | New Wave | Indie | Eighties
Post-punk | Gothic Rock | Darkwave | Minimal Synth
Electro | Industrial | Techno | EBM | Acid | New Beat

► Ph. Alessandro Schiariti Photo Art
► LightShow by Vj Payne & Marco Rh.
► Open 9pm // Close 5am // Ticket 15€

Traffic Club, Via Prenestina 738 [Roma]